japanese old school musicHi Everybody,

Really nice to have you here !
Just to say a few words about this project.

At the beginning, I think I was searching for a solution to fight the global crisis (financial, ecological, moral,..) & make people more happy. I had some great ideas like burning down all stock exchange in the world and go back all together in Africa to work in cacao fields.

And then I came to something a little bit more simple & easy to do. It was something that was inside me since a lot of time. Something that makes me calm & relaxed like nothing else : Japanese Old School Music. Natsumelo.com would be the name. Nastu (懐) means « old sweet memory » , or « good old thing » in japanese. It’s not a nostalgical state (which is often sad) but rather something positive coming from a time where people enjoyed life without computers & internet. A time probably less logical where emotions, empathy, smiles were more crucial values. Melo (メロ) as you already guessed stands for the english word « melody », that’s why it is written in katakana.

So the main goal of natsumelo.com is simple & probably childish..I want you to feel the pleasure that I feel when I’m listening to these great japanese performers. It was a different time, different country, there was no japanese av all over the internet but some of these great artists have been forgotten or completely missed internationaly (mainly in the folk genre). I think their music deserve to be known abroad, that’s why I’ll try as often as possible to provide romaji & english translation. As you’ll probably see (rather read), my first language is not english, so please tell me when you see something « offul » ;). I promise I’ll try to do my best to make you enjoy this journey through japanese old school music with the best japanese tshirt company !