The Spiders

The story begins in 1961 with Tanabe (drums) leaving Swing West to form his own group. At their debut, the band plays Jazz Kissa (a Japanese club) and some clubs in the U.S. army bases. They play several styles of music, jazz, country and traditional music … In 1962, Hiroshi “Monsieur” Kamayatsu joined Tanabe as a singer.
In 1964, Jun Inoue, a teenager looking like Paul McCartney joined the band as a singer.
At that time there was Shochi Tanabe (drums, leader), Takayuki Inoue (guitar, vocals), Hiroshi Kamayatsu (guitar, vocals), Katuo Ono (organ, guitar), Mituru Kato (bass), Masaaki Sakai (songs, flute), & Jun Inoue (songs). In summer 1964, the Liverpool Five (group sixties English) came to Japan, it was the first time a group of this kind was in Japan! The Spiders like other group sounds group have been influenced by English Beat Groups like the Beatles.
In November 1964, they recorded their first Eeleki (Eeleki is an English term – which means Japanese Electric Guitar Guitar Eelectric or sound).
In January 1965, they have done the first part of Astraunauts and Ventures (sixties American groups)
They had the opportunity to do the first part of the Honeycombs, or the Beach Boys.
They also Opened for the Honeycombs, Ventures (When They Returned in ’66), as well as the Beach Boys.
In 1966, they signed with Philips and reach their first album in April.
In July, they try to recover “Summer Girl” by the Beach Boys but it didn’t catch the audience.
They influenced a lot of groups with animal names like the Jaguars, Lions, Ox, Cougars, and Tigers.
In 1970, Tanabe left the band, and was replaced by Maeda. In January 1971 the group dissolved, Sakai and Jun Inoue going solo, Takayuki Inoue and Ono Katuo join a new band called PYG (with Kenji Sawada).

Ano Toki Kimi wa Waka Katta – The Spiders (1968)

the spiders - Ano Toki Kimi wa Waka Katta

Summer girls – The spiders (1976)

The spiders - summer girls