Pinky & Killers

( ピンキーとキラーズ). Japanese band formed in 1968 consisting of the singer Yoko Kon (今 阳 子) and a group of bossa nova comprising George Amano (ジョージ 浜野), Andy Yamaguchi (エンディー 山口), Lewis Takano (ルイス 高野) and Pancho Kagami (パンチョ 加賀美). Pinky and Killers became famous with the single « Koi no Kisetsu » (恋 の 季節), sold at million of copies in Japan and 17 weeks at the top of the charts (the Oricon top).

Hoshizora no romance – Pinky and the Killers (1969)

hoshizoka no romance

Namida no Kisetsu – Pinky & the Killers (1969)

namida no kisetsu

Koi no Kisetsu – Pinky & Killers (1968)

Pinky & Killers - koi no kisetsu

Kaze no Kisetsu – Pinky & the Killers (1968)

kaze no kisetsu