Kiyohiko Ozaki

Kiyohiko Ozaki (尾崎 纪世彦) (1943–2012) began his career in 1967. His father was British & his mother Japanese.
He released his first solo single August 25, 1970: Yoake no Wakara. His first album came out soon after, April 25, 1971, and ranks 2nd place in the Oricon, just like his second album which was released in July of that year. His most famous single remains “MATA AU HIMADE” (Until The Day When We’ll Meet Again).

Godfather Love Theme – Ozaki kiyohiko (1972)


Mata Au Himade – Kiyohiko Ozaki (1971)

Sayonara moichido – Kiyohiko Ozaki (1971)

Ozaki Kiyohiko - Sayonara moichido