Ann Lewis

Ann Lewis (アンルイス) is a Japanese pop-rock singer, born June 5, 1956 in Hyogo, Japan to a Japanese mother and an American father. She begins her career in 1971 at age 15 with the single “Shiroi Shuumatsu”. Her third single “Goodbye My Love” released in 1974 will be a big hit (teresa teng will do another version in 1975). In 1980, she married the singer Masahiro Kuwana, with whom she had two children, before divorcing in 1984. In 1984, the tube “Roppongi Shinju” became a classic, many times covered since. Her career began slowing down in the mid-1990 due to health problems. She moved to the United States, and converted into fashion design. She re-recorded some of his titles for compilations in 2000.

Goodbye my Love – Ann Lewis (1974)

ann lewis - goodbye my love