Original Title : 修羅の花 | Genre : Enka
Performer : | Lyrics ()

Shindeita asa ni tomurai no yuki ga furu
Hagure inu no tooboe geta no otokishimu
Inga naomosa mitsumete aruku
Yami wo dakishimeru ja no me no kasa hitotsu
Inochi no michi wo yuku onna namida wa touni sutemashita
Furimuita kawa ni toozakaru tabi no hi ga
Iteta tsuru wa ugokazu naita ame to kaze
Kieta mizu mo ni hotsure gamiutsushi
Namidasae misenai ja no me no kasa hitotsu
Urami no michi wo yuku onna kokoro wa touni sutemashita
Giri mo nasake mo namida mo yume mo
Kinou mo ashita mo en no nai kotoba
Urami no kawa ni mi wo yudane
Onna wa touni sutemashita
Begrieving snow falls in the dead morning
Stray dog's howls and the footsteps of Geta pierce the air
I walk with the weight of the Milky Way on my shoulders
But an umbrella that holds onto the darkness is all there is.
I'm a woman who walks at the brink of life and death
Who's emptied my tears many moons ago
All the compassion tears and dreams
The snowy nights and tomorrow hold no meaning
I've immersed my body in the river of vengeance
And thrown away my womanhood many moons ago
On the behalf of heaven, they're our soldiers, the loyal, invincible and brave.
Now it's time for them to leave the country of their
Parents their hearts buoyed by encouraging voices
They are solemnly resolved not to return alive, without victory
Here at home, the citizens wait for you.
In foreign lands, the brave troops
Instead of kindness from someone
I do not care about
I rather prefer selfishness from you my beloved.
Oh, is the world a dream or an illusion?
I am all alone in jail.

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